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5 Reasons Why You NEED the JOJO LBB In Your Life

Much like the little black dress, the LBB, or little black bag, is a wardrobe staple. Of course, we’re partial to our very own JOJO a classically elegant leather crossbody bag named after our founder, Joanna. We may be biased, but the JOJO is seriously the HOLY GRAIL of LBB’s. Below, we outline the top ...

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What Your Favorite Handbag Says About You

We’ve all heard the phrase you are what you wear and, while it may seem like a cliche, the saying is completely legit. What we choose to put on every day, from clothing to accessories, can make a serious statement about who we are… or who we want to be. This idea couldn’t be truer ...

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Handle Valentine’s Day Like A #JEMMAGirl

Let's be honest. Valentine's Day is kind of the worst. If you're attached, the holiday comes with all sorts of quote-unquote "romantic" expectations of what your significant other should do for you. If you're single, the day is a pretty glaring reminder of your solo relationship status. But V-Day doesn't have to suck. As a #JEMMAGirl, ...

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Brittany Ann Courtney

#JEMMAGirl Brittany Ann Courtney has found the perfect balance in her life - she lives down south in North Carolina and her fiancé Pat takes all her beautiful blog photos, a brilliant couple bonding activity! Brittany has a fashion and style blog where she shares her love for color and prints (yes please!). We had the opportunity to ...

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How to Survive Q4 Stress

#JEMMAGirls, is 2017 seriously almost over?? I know I have a love/hate relationship with the end of the year, do you? For many of us, no matter what career we’re in, October through December is crunch time. We all got to prove our worth before we ring in a new year and are yet another ...

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Susanne Bavnick-Bender

It's hard not to love this #JEMMAGirl! Susanne is a Dutch girl from Amsterdam, now living in Houston, Texas and she is OBSESSED with bags. After all, her blog is called "Bag At You"! We both believe the bag is more than just another accessory. It carries your life, completes your look and makes your statement. ...

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What to Wear To Your Best Friend’s Wedding…the #JEMMAGirl Method

Deciding what to wear to a close friend's wedding can be tough, even for a style savvy #JEMMAGirl. You don't want to upstage your bestie, but you obviously want to look your best. (Especially if you're single and want to scope out similarly unattached groomsmen. Wink, wink.) Luckily, creating a fantastic wedding guest fashion moment is ...

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Anna Cobbs

#JEMMAGirl Anna Cobbs is the creator and stylist behind fleurdille. Fun fact: Her blog's name "fleurdille" pronounced “fleurdilly” - a combination of her maiden name "Dille" and her favorite flower “Fleur-de- lis”. In a similar fashion, JEMMA is a combination of our founder Joanna's and her sister Emma's names! Don't we all love combining words! Anna is a young mom of ...

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#JEMMAGirl Summer Lovin’


Make The Most of Your Summer, Work Hard, Play Hard

Happy Memorial Day #JEMMAGirls, summer is *officially* here! It’s the beginning of a new season of long sunny days and warm nights. At JEMMA, we’re all about the pursuit of a work-life balance. We’ve been hard at work on exciting new JEMMA projects and as summer creeps up on us, our goal is to get serious ...

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5 Must Watch TV Shows to be #JEMMAGirl Chic

#JEMMAGirls find fashion inspiration from all sorts of places, like Instagram, the runway and even our BFFs. (We're creative that way.) We know that honing our signature style is an ever-evolving process and we love discovering new ideas for putting together great looks, especially for work. Sometimes we can find our muses from the comfort of ...

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