Make The Most of Your Summer, Work Hard, Play Hard

Happy Memorial Day #JEMMAGirls, summer is *officially* here! It’s the beginning of a new season of long sunny days and warm nights. At JEMMA, we’re all about the pursuit of a work-life balance. We’ve been hard at work on exciting new JEMMA projects and as summer creeps up on us, our goal is to get serious ...

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What Your Favorite Handbag Says About You

We’ve all heard the phrase you are what you wear and, while it may seem like a cliche, the saying is completely legit. What we choose to put on every day, from clothing to accessories, can make a serious statement about who we are… or who we want to be. This idea couldn’t be truer ...

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#JEMMAGirl Summer Lovin’


5 Must Watch TV Shows to be #JEMMAGirl Chic

#JEMMAGirls find fashion inspiration from all sorts of places, like Instagram, the runway and even our BFFs. (We're creative that way.) We know that honing our signature style is an ever-evolving process and we love discovering new ideas for putting together great looks, especially for work. Sometimes we can find our muses from the comfort of ...

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Stay Fashionably Organized

We all know how crazy-busy life can get with trying to balance work, our social lives and family obligations, not to mention trying to fit in that often-elusive “me time.” So, in order to “have it all”, it’s important for us #JEMMAGirls to stay organized as effortlessly as we can. Thankfully, you can maximize your ...

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Aubrey Ballard

A former fashion designer, trend forecaster and social media manager, #JEMMAGirl Aubrey Ballard has been in fashion her whole life. For Valentine's Day this year, she picked out our MAGGIE Wallet Crossbody to be her perfect datenight bag because "it serves as your wallet during the day, but comes with a shoulder strap so it can be ...

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Manage Valentine’s Day Like A #JEMMAGirl

Let's be honest. Valentine's Day is kind of the worst. If you're attached, the holiday comes with all sorts of quote-unquote "romantic" expectations of what your significant other should do for you. If you're single, the day is a pretty glaring reminder of your solo relationship status. But V-Day doesn't have to suck. As a #JEMMAGirl, ...

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Why Every Girl Should Love Dressing Up

No matter what your personal style is, us #JEMMAGirls can probably all agree that dressing up is one of the best parts about being a woman. Finding the perfect outfit in your closet, or shopping for a new one, is super satisfying, to say the least. Taking full advantage of the opportunity to express ourselves ...

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Alyssa Amoroso

#JEMMAGirl Alyssa Amoroso is a native New Yorker who has a busy life between being a publicist and social influencer. Yet, she still finds time to stay fashionably chic. She serves as a standout voice in the multifaceted and ever-changing millennial space and we love her style!      

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Jet Setter Gift Guide by #JEMMAGirl Katherine Schwarzenegger

#JEMMAGirl Katherine Schwarzenegger spends a lot of time traveling, naturally she's an expert in the best travel accessories! Here's a list of her favorite things ... And on the list is our BIRDIE Gym Bag! Happy Shopping!

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